About Me

Hi. My Name is Jeff.    jeff_chewbaca

I’m the one in the black shirt in the picture on the right.

You may know me from Twitter (@thejeffreystone) or from Github or maybe even from YouTube where I recently started doing videos about Home Assistant.

Or perhaps you are simply asking, “how did I get here?”

Either way, I am glad you are here.

This blog exists so I can share my journey to automate all the things using Home Assistant with you. If that sounds interesting to you stick around. We have zwave cookies.

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As far as me…

I am addicted to building solutions to problems. These days those solutions are usually built with Python. But I have never met a tool I didn’t like, and when given the chance I will always choose open source. Not only do I use open source but I love contributing. It is one of the reasons I am creating YouTube content focused on Home Assistant.

I love quoting movies with my beautiful wife, playing trains with my son, laughing at our crazy lolcats, hiking, rooting for the Dallas Stars, woodworking, long vacations at Disney World, reading everything from cereal boxes to the latest in The Expanse, and working the next cool automation in Home Assistant.

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