Access Home Assistant YAML Files

Accessing YAML files is still one of the biggest issues people have with Home Assistant. After all, while we can do so much more in the UI these days there are times that we just have to open up the config and sling some YAML.

Strangely enough, Home Assistant doesn’t come out of the box with a way to edit your configuration files, but there are two add-ons that can be easily installed to give us that functionality.

The first one is called File Editor. And the second if Samba Share.

Both have advantages, but basically if you don’t plan on doing a lot of YAML wrangling then I would go with the File Editor add-on. If you are going to live in the YAML files, then Samba share is the best option.

I did a quick video to walk you through setting each one up. Check it out.

Until next time, Automate the Boring Stuff.