Monitor the Crypto Market with Home Assistant

Monitor the Crypto Market with Home Assistant

I am not financial expert, and as I see it getting into Cryptocurrency carries a lot of risk, but for those willing to throw caution into the wind, Home Assistant can help you on your flight to the moon.

Recently the Home Assistant contributors updated the Coinbase integration to use the Integration flow via the UI. Meaning for anyone not interested in setting this up via the UI a chance to use this integration.

Since I have a Coinbase account I figured it was time to light this candle, and see just what we can do when we connect Home Assistant to the Crypto Market.

In this video, we walk through setting up the Coinbase integration, configuring a dashboard, and writing some automations, and we take a look at what kind of sensors we get with this integration.

So, if you are into Crypto and Home Assistant, let’s get to automating the boring stuff.