My Home Assistant Configuration (v4)

In the last couple of weeks I have been furiously working on my config, and have recently migrated my Github repo to the new version. Previous versions are archived as branches for those that want to see where things have been.

With each release Home Assistant gets better and better, so it seems each update brings several new integrations or components to play with. Some of the major updates include:

  • Moved to Lovelace UI
  • Started migrating to packages to better organize sensors, scripts, and automations
  • Continued work to streamline the config
  • Anchorage House now tweets throughout the day – @anchoragehouse2
  • Due to a required garage door opener replacement the GoControl ZWave Garage Opener has been replaced with Chamberlain MyQ. Although the MyQ integration is buggy and causes my Home Assistant to stop responding in about 12 hours so I’m working on some alternatives.

I’m working on some upcoming posts to document some of the more interesting additions including daily announcements to help the family throughout the day, and some fun stuff like some Imagineering I have integrated to bring a bit of the Disney experience to the house. And I hope to get to a cadence that has me publishing at least once a week.

If you are interested in Home Automation and especially Home Assistant then please stick around. I’m hope I can give back a little to the community that has really expanded my world in terms of automating my house.

In the meantime, checkout my code at and be sure to follow to keep up to date with changes as I make them.

Until next time…Go automate Something.